Cloud Native Storage: Storage TAG Intro, Projects, Landscape & Technology


Authors:   Alex Chircop, Raffaele Spazzoli


The presentation discusses the role of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) in providing education and guidance to end-users in the storage space. It also highlights the TOC's involvement in the process of moving projects into the CNCF ecosystem and the importance of cloud-native disaster recovery.
  • The TOC's main function is to provide education and guidance to end-users in the storage space through white papers and project reviews
  • The TOC helps in moving projects into the CNCF ecosystem through due diligence reviews and outreach
  • Cloud-native disaster recovery is an alternative approach to traditional disaster recovery that utilizes active-active deployment and autonomous triggering of the disaster recovery procedure
  • Cloud-native disaster recovery requires a high level of maturity and testing to ensure its effectiveness
The presentation emphasizes the importance of testing and understanding the headroom in one's environment when it comes to storage systems. It warns against relying solely on published results as they may not accurately reflect the capabilities of the system. Instead, it recommends running tests on one's own applications within their own environment to get a realistic representation of what can be achieved. This is illustrated by the example of workload size and caching capabilities, where benchmarks may reveal results that far exceed the capabilities of the storage system due to the workload being smaller than the cache size.


This talk will introduce the CNCF Storage TAG and discuss how the TAG operates, how we work with Storage CNCF projects as well as the projects to build guidance and write whitepapers for the ecosystem. During this session we will cover: - Overview of the TAG, how to join and how to help - Overview of storage projects in the CNCF - Projects that are currently being being reviewed We will also share updates of our latest work including: - the CNCF Storage Landscape whitepaper - the Performance and Benchmarking whitepaper - the Cloud Native Disaster Recovery whitepaper