Cloud Native Storage: The CNCF Storage TAG, Projects, Technology & Landscape


Authors:   Alex Chircop, Raffaele Spazzoli, Xing Yang


The conference presentation covers the basics of performance testing and disaster recovery in cloud-native environments. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the system's topology, data protection, and encryption in affecting overall performance. The presentation also introduces the concept of cloud-native disaster recovery and compares it with traditional disaster recovery. The talk concludes with an invitation to join the community and contribute to the white papers and due diligence processes.
  • Understanding the system's topology, data protection, and encryption is crucial in affecting overall performance in cloud-native environments
  • Cloud-native disaster recovery is a new approach that should be considered alongside traditional disaster recovery
  • Joining the community and contributing to the white papers and due diligence processes is encouraged
The speaker shared an example of a benchmark where someone published getting two gigabytes per second on their file system, but upon further questioning, it was revealed that they were running on a hard drive that could only give 200 megabytes per second. This highlights the importance of understanding what is being measured and how much of an impact the cache is having on the environment to get a real understanding of the system's performance.


This talk will introduce the CNCF Storage TAG and discuss how the TAG operates, how we work with CNCF Storage projects, and the work we have done to build guidance and write whitepapers for the ecosystem. During this session we will cover an overview of storage projects in the CNCF, including the broader ecosystem, as well as projects that are currently being reviewed. We will also share updates of our latest work including the CNCF Storage Whitepaper, Performance and Benchmarking whitepaper and the Cloud Native Disaster Recovery whitepaper. Join us to find out how to contribute and participate in the CNCF storage community and discover practical guidance on how to use cloud native storage in your environments.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!