The New Stack Pancake Breakfast: New security workflows for GitOps and Security as Code


Authors:   Joab Jackson, Alex Williams, Om Moolchandani, Vineeth Rajagopal, Brendan O’Leary, Emily Omier, Cindy Blake


The importance of shifting security left in the software supply chain and the role of security professionals in enabling developers to write secure code.
  • Policy is code and security professionals or tools can help developers integrate security into their workflows
  • Understanding the configuration of the whole infrastructure as code is becoming more important
  • The network also applies to the software supply chain and needs to be looked at differently
  • Transparency and clear communication between app developers and security professionals is crucial
  • The role of security professionals is changing to be more strategic and consultative
  • Developers do not need to become security experts but may need to upskill
  • Automated tools like Acurix can help developers write secure code without needing to understand the full background of security
The SolarWinds attack showed that just looking at the code itself is not enough and that the weakest link in the supply chain can be targeted. Facebook also experienced software failures due to network misconfigurations. It is important to have transparency and clear communication between app developers and security professionals to ensure that policies are understood and followed.


Get your panK8s here! Security as code is becoming a sweet spot. Learn what the trend toward codifying goals means for automated, self-sufficient processes and how it makes security easier on practitioners. Join us at the breakfast table for a short stack with The New Stack as we griddle security experts for a more practical take on GitOps and Security as Code.TNS Founder and Publisher Alex Williams will moderate an expert panel with Managing Editor Joab Jackson and take as many questions as we can answer from you. Our panelists will offer their explanation and analysis about how …. Bring your questions for a chance to win a custom TNS spatula!Sponsored by AccuricsNo RSVP required, but seating is limited so please arrive by 7:15 AM to get a place in line.


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