Multi-cluster Failover Using Linkerd


Authors:   Charles Pretzer


Setting up multi-cluster failover with service mesh
  • The workshop repository is located at github.com/buoyantio/service-mesh-academy
  • Participants need to check out the multi-cluster failover directory
  • The workshop requires two clusters named east and west
  • The readme file contains all the necessary steps to set up the failover configuration
  • Injecting resources like deployments and stateful sets is possible with linkerd inject
The presenter experienced technical difficulties during the workshop, highlighting the importance of being able to debug issues on the fly in a workshop setting


Failover across clusters is a great way to improve the overall uptime and reliability of Kubernetes applications. While whole-cluster failover can be accomplished at the global ingress layer, failing over individual services is a little more difficult. During this hands-on tutorial, Charles Pretzer, Linkerd team member, will walk attendees through how to use Linkerd, the CNCF graduated service mesh, to enable traffic failover for individual services across clusters. Attendees will learn how to combine service mesh metrics, traffic shifting, and cross-cluster communication in a cohesive and automated way using pure open source, while preserving fundamental security guarantees such as mutual TLS.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!