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Authors: Sonja Chevre, Ahmet Soormally

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OpenTelemetry can help monitor GraphQL queries in production and improve troubleshooting for developers and SREs.
  • GraphQL is a query language and server-side runtime that provides a monolithic facade on top of complex microservice architecture
  • Using GraphQL introduces new challenges when isolating failures and troubleshooting performance issues
  • OpenTelemetry can help monitor and improve troubleshooting for GraphQL queries in production
  • The RED method can be used to monitor the health and performance of distributed systems
  • Instrumenting GraphQL services with OpenTelemetry can provide distributed traces for monitoring
Conference:  CloudOpen 2022
Authors: Tanmai Gopal

tldr - powered by Generative AI

GraphQL Data Mesh can accelerate application development by allowing data to be shared for analytical purposes in real-time, right at the point of origin.
  • Data Mesh is an emerging concept focused on moving analytical data away from a monolithic data warehouse or data lake into a distributed architecture
  • GraphQL can be a powerful solution for data and application modernization problems for both operational and analytical data
  • GraphQL provides a semantic JSON model, speed of light caching, and security and authorization
  • GraphQL is a query language for APIs, closer to SQL than a collection of endpoints
  • GraphQL has modern primitives like subscriptions for consuming real-time data and streams of data
  • GraphQL schema is a built-in artifact