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Authors: Antonio Ojea Garcia, Surya Seetharaman, Shane Utt

This talk will provide a high level overview of Kubernetes networking and share updates on some of the latest SIG-Network projects. These projects include Admin Network Policy, Topology Aware Routing, Multi Network, and more.
Authors: Stephen Kitt, Rob Scott, Laura Lorenz, Mike Morris

Gateway API and the MCS API are two pieces of your multicluster traffic management puzzle: Gateway API provides advanced routing capabilities and the MCS API provides cross cluster service discovery. These two Kubernetes native APIs are sponsored by SIG-Network and SIG-Multicluster, respectively. How can these two APIs work together? How have they evolved, separately and as part of a larger upstream initiative to make the multicluster experience feel native? Both APIs are CRD-based, and each SIG focused on standards over details, leaving implementers plenty of room; so how have users dealt with the challenges to discover, install, and maintain synergistic controllers? Finally, where do they fit with the larger ecosystem of service discovery solutions, including service meshes and vendor specific tooling? Another project, the GAMMA initiative, sits smack between all of these, seeking to unify the east-west traffic management puzzle along one coherent, standards-driven direction. Answering these questions and more, join us for a panel style discussion with representatives from the Gateway API project, MCS API project, and GAMMA initiative. Our panelists will speak from their experience both developing the upstream standard and actually implementing the APIs with different vendors.
Authors: Nick Young, Rob Scott

The Gateway API subproject of Kubernetes SIG-Network is making great strides towards the goal of being the description language for inbound traffic that’s portable, extensible, expressive, and role-oriented. With nearly 20 implementations in progress, interest is high. This session is about what’s happening now and next. We’ll update on: The state of the API, and when we’re planning to move to GA and 1.0 Our plans for conformance testing and certification What’s happening with the GAMMA initiative and how the efforts work together Maintainer Q+A And a lot more!