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Authors: Katie Gamanji, Bill Mulligan

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The presentation discusses the importance of project maturity and the steps that need to be taken to achieve it within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).
  • Project maturity is crucial for success within the CNCF
  • Security is a top priority and projects must undergo independent security audits and fix critical vulnerabilities
  • Clear and explicit definitions for project usage and contribution are necessary
  • Adoption, security, and contribution are the three main categories for achieving project maturity
  • Collaboration with Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) is important for improving contributor base and project security
  • Archiving is a natural process and lessons learned should be applied to other projects within the foundation
Authors: Chuck Willis

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The presentation discusses various techniques for encrypting data in databases, including deterministic encryption, searchable encryption, and homomorphic encryption.
  • Deterministic encryption allows for searches on equality while keeping data encrypted
  • Searchable encryption allows for searching for keywords in encrypted documents by encrypting the keywords and storing them in a database
  • Homomorphic encryption allows for performing operations on encrypted data in a way that is equivalent to performing the operations before encryption
  • Each technique has its limitations and trade-offs
  • Maintaining an index of keyword frequency can improve the security of searchable encryption