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Authors: Klaus Deissner, Clemens Vasters

CloudEvents Discovery is a metadata document format and metadata API for creating, publishing, discovering, and connecting event flows. It defines a schema registry, a message and event catalog and an declarative model for defining producer, consumer, and subscriber endpoints. The core focus of CloudEvents Discovery is on providing a metaschema for CloudEvents, but the specification also defines metaschemas for AMQP and MQTT messages and is extensible for further metaschemas. In this session you will learn about CloudEvents discovery and the existing tooling, including code generators and transformation of endpoint information into AsyncAPI and OpenAPI.
Authors: Chuck Willis

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The presentation discusses various techniques for encrypting data in databases, including deterministic encryption, searchable encryption, and homomorphic encryption.
  • Deterministic encryption allows for searches on equality while keeping data encrypted
  • Searchable encryption allows for searching for keywords in encrypted documents by encrypting the keywords and storing them in a database
  • Homomorphic encryption allows for performing operations on encrypted data in a way that is equivalent to performing the operations before encryption
  • Each technique has its limitations and trade-offs
  • Maintaining an index of keyword frequency can improve the security of searchable encryption