KubeEdge: From Fixed Location to Movable Edge, Latest Updates and Future


Authors:   Kevin Wang, Yin Ding


The presentation discusses the deployment of Kubernetes on edge nodes and its performance testing.
  • Kubernetes can be deployed on edge nodes transparently to developers
  • Active-active deployment can prevent connection loss between cloud and edge
  • IoT cases involve deploying apps on edge nodes
  • Performance testing includes latency, throughput, scalability, CPU usage, and memory usage
  • Kubernetes scalability is multi-dimensional and requires careful configuration
  • Decentralized security and network policy are being researched for edge nodes
One user case involves a water company providing a device with an edge core deployment, but the individual site owning the device can choose which application to deploy from the cloud. The presentation also mentions collaboration with the 5G MEC community and contributing to a white paper on the topic.


KubeEdge is an open source edge computing framework that extends the power of kubernetes from central cloud to edge. Since last met, KubeEdge has made big progress on user adoption, community development, cross-community collaborations. In this talk, Kevin and Yin will cover: 1. latest user adoptions in several new industries, including: cloud native satellite, smart vehicles, offshore oil fields, etc; 2. development updates, including: significant scalability improvement, brand new device mapping interface, 3. Project roadmap, SIG and subproject updates. 4. Useful informations on how new contributors to get involved. There will be an open Q&A for attendees to ask questions.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!