Lightning Talk: Introducing O-Cloud, or How 5G Leverages Kubernetes


Authors:   Nikolay Nikolaev


The Open RAN Alliance is adopting cloud native technologies, specifically Kubernetes, to modernize the Radio Access Network and meet the demands of 5G technology.
  • The modernization of networking started with software defined networking and virtualization of hardware resources.
  • Cloud native technologies have created a new wave of networking virtualization that allows for scalable applications and closely coupled systems.
  • The Open RAN Alliance was created in 2018 to standardize the logical architecture of the Radio Access Network and decouple software from underlying hardware platforms.
  • The platform that hosts the software and hardware to implement the Open RAN architecture is called O-Cloud, which leverages Kubernetes.
  • O-Cloud can host several on-premise Kubernetes clusters and public cloud-managed Kubernetes clusters as well as other types of workloads.
  • The adoption of cloud native principles brings flexibility to the infrastructure and allows for a tremendous change in the way it is managed and operated.
  • Challenges still exist, such as networking challenges and accessing accelerators, but the development of technology within the Open RAN Alliance has a serious impact on the rest of the cloud native community.
The rising proliferation of cloud native technologies in principles created a new wave of networking virtualization. This allowed for building scalable applications and creating closely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable. A huge game changer for the networking industry where typically a new software rollout can take months.


Raise the awareness of the applications of the Cloud Native technologies in the modern generations of the Radio Access Network. Share the approach that the O-RAN Alliance is taking to solve the high demands towards the platform that handles the critical workloads with significant impact to their business and our daily live.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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