Make Cloud Native Chaos Engineering Easier - Deep Dive into Chaos Mesh


Authors:   Cwen Yin


Chaos Mesh is a tool for chaos engineering in Kubernetes environments that allows users to simulate failures and test the resilience of their applications.
  • Chaos Mesh provides a comprehensive data inspection mechanism and a simple yet powerful reporting system to improve availability
  • Chaos Mesh plans to develop a new security component to program chaos experiments and provide a plugin to extend the tool's capabilities
  • Chaos Mesh has a community of users who share their use cases and experiments through interactive tutorials, monthly meetings, and a GitHub repository
A user can use Chaos Mesh to simulate a stress test on their application by deploying demons on Kubernetes nodes to stress the CPU and memory. The tool also allows users to define schedules for chaos experiments and check the results on the Cal dashboard and application monitors.


Chaos Mesh is one of the most popular open-source chaos engineering platforms, with the goal of making chaos engineering easier and more accessible. In this session, Cwen will provide a brief overview of Chaos Mesh. He will then dive deep into how Chaos Mesh is implemented and its concrete practices. Cwen will also guide the audience through how to better apply observability to a chaos engineering Workflow, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of chaos experiments. In the end, he will share how the team’s latest exploration around chaos engineering and their plan to evolve Chaos Mesh.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!