Flux's Roadmap to General Availability


Authors:   Michael Bridgen, Hidde Beydals


Flux is a Kubernetes operator that automates the deployment and scaling of containerized applications
  • Flux uses image automation to update container images in a cluster
  • Flux has varying unit test coverage and is working on standardization and RBAC security model
  • Flux is reorganizing its documentation to better serve different entry points and cloud platforms
Flux's image automation controller successfully updated the cluster to version 5.2.1, demonstrating the power of Flux's automation capabilities.


The past year has been an important one for Flux and GitOps. The team has built a new Flux made of multiple controllers that are now seeing production use. The project has matured and is on its way to General Availability. Flux v2's core is a set of precise API’s for controlling and delegating every element of a GitOps platform. A single Flux install can now work with many parts of multiple git repositories, and Flux is more usable and observable than ever. The project has first-class support for popular technologies like Kustomize, Helm, Prometheus, SOPS, GitHub, and GitLab, and it provides extension points in all areas to integrate with other technologies and platforms, much like Kubernetes itself. This session will consist of a cool 15 minute demo of common and novel Flux use-cases that show just much progress the community has made. Join in afterwards for a 20 minute discussion on the remaining roadmap items for the v2.0.0 GA release candidates.


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