Kubernetes Steering Committee AMA


Authors:   Bob Killen, Tim Pepper, Paris Pittman, Christoph Blecker, Davanum Srinivas, Stephen Augustus


The biggest challenge for Kubernetes is sustainability and enabling part-time contributors.
  • Kubernetes has a problem with not having enough reviews, approvals, and responsive approvals
  • The project is skewed towards full-time contributors
  • Efforts are being made to enable part-time contributors, but more work needs to be done
The chair of SIG testing expressed that contributing to Kubernetes can be extremely painful due to failing tests that one did not write, which is a tragedy of the commons problem that needs to be addressed.


The steering committee is tasked with decision-making and oversight with all things related to Kubernetes. This panel discussion is a chance for some navel gazing on where we are today, what got us here and where we are headed to next. This will also be a chance for the steering committee to meet face to face with their constituents in the community and wider ecosystem. https://github.com/kubernetes/steeringClick here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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