Jaeger: Intro and Deep Dive


Authors:   Jonah Kowall


The conference presentation covers both introductory and deep dive material for the Jaeger distributed tracing backend, including the Jaeger operator and metrics work. The presentation emphasizes the importance of instrumenting code for meaningful traces and the challenges of service meshes.
  • Jaeger is a popular open source distributed tracing backend that requires code instrumentation for meaningful traces
  • The Jaeger operator is a cool piece of technology that is part of the project
  • Metrics work has been going on in Jaeger
  • Service meshes present challenges for distributed tracing
  • The speaker's company is a SAS observability company that focuses on an open source-based platform that includes Jaeger
The speaker shared an anecdote about end users at their company who were disappointed with the trace data, which was similar to log messages. The speaker explained that without code instrumentation, the traces would not be much better than logs, and that service meshes require code instrumentation for meaningful traces.


In this session we will cover both introductory and deep dive material for the Jaeger distributed tracing backend. For intro we will review methods of getting started installing Jaeger and the basics of distributed tracing. For the deep dive we will be discuss the future of Jaeger built on top of the OpenTelemetry collector and what that means for Jaeger architecture, future development and features. Jaeger is the most popular open source distributed tracing backend. Whether your goal is to get acquainted with Jaeger and distributed tracing or to keep abreast with the latest and greatest, please join us!


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